Why are we drawn to things? And why do we have an urge to decorate our surrounding, ourselves and objects? In my master degree project Betweenness I’m investigating the function of decorative elements and the lives of, and relationships with, objects: what exactly happens between us and them?

Betweenness is a project questioning the relation between us and what we surround us with. To reveal our assumptions around artifacts and by doing so create an conversation between us viewers users and the objects themselves. Who owns the dialogue: the object or the viewer? Taking a deeper dive into the symbols and languages of objects, the quiet voices they posses and the functions of the ornamental, the visualization circle around words such as ornament, attraction, imitation and objectification. 

These subjects comes from my own doubleness, being a twin myself and often been looked upon as an object or attraction, and the ways this has shaped my identity. By trying to convey the objects “inner thoughts” and creating a dialogue it pushes our ideas of what is desirable, what is strange, what is useful or even beautiful. The trick is in the contrast between what we see and what we know, bordering into imaginary, creating voices for ambiguous objects.