The Fold

The Fold is a collection of wearable pieces of papers with drawings, scribbles and words on them. The pieces seemingly look like A4 papers (or smaller pieces of papers) but are in fact made out of silicone. The necklaces have a cut going across them, so that you simply pull them over your head to wear them. The brooches are made to look like ripped pieces of papers with a the spiral back clinging to them, the spiral in fact being the pin in which to wear the pieces.
Other brooches are inspired from the post-it note, with colorful scribbles and surfaces that stick to you by a magnetic backing.
These Jewelry pieces are a mindplay for the wearer, challenging you to look at objects in new ways, as well as highligting ordinary objects that we surrounds ourselves with (the paper is rarely expected to be worn as a jewelry piece).

The other part behind the making of these paper jewelry is the story of twinship. I filled the papers with bits and pieces of myself, my thoughts and feelings as they came out as words and scribbles, and created a narrative for my precious objects.
These were in fact the communication I had with my twin sister; secretive, private and filled with dribbles of phone conversations and late night chats (we lived at the time in two different countries).

I finalized the project with a film, going back to my sister and recorded a “silent” talk we had between us, where the papers were physically pulled out of our mouths one by one and layed down to be displayed in a very close up view, like a dreamy landscape of our conversation.