Sneakpeak into the studio

January  – May, 2020

I need to wear a protective gas mask and gloves at all times when working with these materials. They’re very bad for my skin and for inhalation. And that was really the starting point for this project. Can something toxic become beautiful? Do we understand the impact these material pose on us and our surroundings when using them in architectural projects and as building materials? 

Rather than setting out to achieve a certain shape, for each vase I add the plaster, concrete and insulation foam into the double-sided fabric mould while it is hung upside down. I let the materials decide how much room they want to take up and which shape they want to take in the mould. They guide me along, and I leave room for unexpected happy accidents or unforeseen bumps or shapes.

The pieces become their own little individuals when I start decorating them with more layers of foam, plaster or concrete. I work on them until I feel that tug of uncertainty: is it a vase or a sculpture? Is it pretty or ugly? The materials gives me that freedom of letting go of a lot of control as a designer.