Adorno Design – MAXIMALIST 180° 2021


September 22 – 26, 2021

“Maximalist 180°” is part of Adorno London 2021, presented during London Design Festival, 18-26 September. Visit the collection at the Truman Brewery, Gallery 4 – Dray Walk, off Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL – 22 – 26 September 2021, 10.00-18.00. “Maximalist 180°” is kindly supported by Embassy of Sweden in the UK.

Amidst rolling hills and delicate wildflowers, a skate pool disrupts the landscape. Concrete meets meadow, refined meets rustic – a rebellion of colour, texture, and form springs forth. A breeze leads the way through the flora, creating a path towards objects in copper, ceramic, glass, and wood, among others. They make their home in this space of contrasts, blending traditional hantverk with new techniques and materials. The sun shifts, drawing our eye once more around the skate pool, brimming with new ideas and life, reminding us of the interwoven past and present and this new, innovative path to the future.

Presented in a concrete skatepark surrounded by a field of flowers, the Swedish collection, “Maximalist 180°”, showcases the balance between refined and rustic, executed through new and innovative crafts techniques. In this collection, eleven talented designers demonstrate the new, maximalist-leaning wave of Swedish design, blending traditional handicrafts with alternative approaches and materials. Curator Stephen Markos‘ interest in maximalist design has seen him work with designers from around the world. With this collection for Adorno London, he expands his research into the Swedish design scene – a scene known for its long-standing, minimalistic identity – bringing his well-trained eye to a field full of emerging and established talent. From resourceful metal work to delicate ceramics, colourful textiles to innovative woodwork, “Maximalist 180°” makes a case for foregoing the minimalism traditionally associated with Swedish design in favour of an eclectic and innovative take on traditional crafts.

“Maximalist 180°” features work by Andrea Santivanez, Elias Båth, Gustav Winsth, Jonatan Nilsson, Josefin Zachrisson, Julia Olanders, LAB LA BLA, Oscar Wall, Lisa Hartwig Ericson, Maria Bang Espersen, and Sofie Wallenius.

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