Master Design
Graduation Project 2019

Master Design graduation project 2019

The vessels are made out of building materials concrete, plaster and insulation foam that is cast into fabric moulds. The fabric is later ripped of, leaving traces of structures and stitches, giving the objects a soft appearance. The project is about our attraction towards object and the understanding of our surroundings. 

The vessels resemble bodies stripped from their revealing skin, a fleshy equivalent of the antique statue. But it is not so much the these busts or sculptures as all types of depiction of the human body that fascinates me. We create objects that mirrors us, unanimated things that invoke a reaction in us simply because they resemble us. In this set of sculptures and vessels I try to reverse the idea of depicting historical or mythical events in materials, and instead let materials and spaces be the ones telling the tale. Architecture has often taken inspiration from the body throughout times; in the twentieth century widespread news of X-rays made groundbreaking ways of creating constructions as transparent structures of glass and metal, to show the inner core of a building. As well post and beams of warehouses or factories are often praised for their “good bones” and “strong framework”. The language of “hearts”, “flesh” and “skin” is not so much in the same architectural vocabulary.
By reversing the storytelling from us to the materials I try to visualize the industries, by taking the “flesh and skin” of the constructional materials and shape them into our bodies. Or in the words of reporter Stefan Novakovic when describing my work: ” If we think of buildings as bodies, should we think of them as very sick ones?”.