Ung Svensk Form 2020
@ IKEA Museum
Young Swedish Form 2020
@ IKEA Museum


29 April โ€“ 4 June 2020

Curiosity, humour and intelligent questions carry the development of design forward. The young designers in this yearโ€™s edition ofย Young Swedish Design open a creative window onto the future.
Welcome to Young Swedish Design 2020, a co-production between Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) and ArkDes, with support from IKEA, IKEA Museum and City of Malmรถ. Young Swedish Design is a distinction presented, this year, to 25 young designers โ€“ and you can see more of their entries here!

This spring, we would have been showing the Young Swedish Design 2020 exhibition to visitors here at IKEA Museum in ร„lmhult. However, since you canโ€™t visit us, weโ€™re providing a digital display of this yearโ€™s 25 winning entries. The exhibition demonstrates a desire to experiment, creativity, innovation and future thinking โ€“ something we can all be inspired by.

Anna Sandberg Falk, Curator, IKEA Museum


Visit the exhibition online:

Julia Olanders,ย Betweenness. Judgesโ€™ comments: Objects that challenge truths about beautiful and ugly, prototype and product, traditional and innovative. Betweenness is neither or both, primeval forms that can be interpreted as our ageโ€™s version of the marble statues of antiquity โ€“ made to crumble away within a few months.